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Design of SAP Nordic Experience Center

Botanic garden as beautiful setting

Converted a garage

into plenary

European sales conference
700 delegates

Internal knowledge sharing conference for employees from all over the world

Online booking tool for 190 meeting rooms in 12 venues in Toronto

Launch event and off-road test drive  of the new Nissan Navara

Product knowledge and launch of new product for the front runners in the wellness industry

Event for 100 local industy leaders

Conference with tailormade branding

Exhibition with 3D design, construction and onsite hospitality

Integrated creative food concept

Project management of the event and social activities

3 events – 3 days – 3 different groups of participants, all evolving around the launch of a new Scania truck

Venue finding/research

Dinner party

Incentive trip with teambuilding

Outstanding award ceremony with world class tailormade entertainment

Creative conference with 4 breakouts – working with no walls

Venue finding, social arrangements and hotel allotment

Project management, registration, venue finding and hospitality

Knowledge sharing and workshop conference combined with social arrangements

Meeting management, Executive schedules, full Outlook integration

7 cars, 7 individual features, 7 creative themes

Mobile app with delegate integration

Interactive LED-solution

Product launch; press conference, hospitality and logistics

Sport themed conference

iPad game and digital services

Exclusive customer care trip in connection with a conference

Onsite self-registration of 1100 pax within 40 minutes

Onsite registration, branding and support

Training camp for all involved employees in a creative meetovation inspired enviroment

21 stops in 6 weeks; Roadshow with a customised truck

Interactive demonstration bar with inspiring digital solotions

Innovative cardboard dinner universe

Expo design and construction

Exclusive product launch in creative surroundings turning things upside down

Champagne celebration with digital elements

Dealer roadshow – launch of future marketing strategies

Creative redesign of networking zone with tailormade elements

Full participant handling, multiple hotel allotments and logistics

Interactive live voting

Overall project management, logictics and registration services

4 cities – reusable elements for conference and exhibition

Creative set-up, design and construction of the entire event

Motivation programme

Gala dinner with sublime entertainment

Themed summer party for all employees in headquater

Conference in 4 cities with digital meeting tool

Multiple projections on a 36 m wide screen

Full participant handling, accreditation and social activities

Annual general meeting

Awardshow with an eye to rewarding the best in the business


Huge impact with simple elements

Visiting Iceland, Norway,

Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania