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We bring great concepts to life whether your communication challenge is big or small, internal or external. We help you stand out and communicate brand culture.

Project Management & Logistics

We have a proven, repeatable methodology to pull off large and small events around the world. Single point of contact with a dedicated team to back you up.

Digital Integration

We utilize the latest digital technologies to always deliver ground-breaking experiences – and integrate social media, mobile solutions, etc. to boost the event online - and adding tracking to optimise the delegate experience and data outcome.

Audience Engagement

We engage your audience by considering all five senses to make the communication and experience extraordinary and efficient.

Meeting Design Concept

We manage every facet during keynotes and workshops. Program flow, facilitate workshops, meeting design, production, design, speaker handling, stage management, presentation beautifying and more.

Customized Journey Mapping

We gain insight in your audience, work with persona segmentation, set specific goals and define actions before/during/after the event to optimize ROI.

Digital events

We are a strong partner on all kinds of virtual meetings – from 20 to 2.000 viewers or more. We know exactly what platform works best for your needs and live streaming, broadcasting and optimizing virtual speakers performance is our everyday tasks. Digital meetings provide great analytics about the attendees and therefore excellent follow-up possibilities.

Virtual meetings, Project Management, Logistics, Creative Design and User Involvement are just a few of our core competences

Our values make us stronger

We are solution-oriented and never go home before the last detail has fallen into place

We act in just as responsible financial manner towards our clients’ projects as towards our own finances.

We want to have a blast at work – every single day!

‘Keep it simple’. Why complicate things, when the simple straight-forward line often works best?

We work as a team with our clients

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